Chapter 1: Ordinary Day...?

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It wuz jazz an ordnary day when I dove deep into the dark azure hue of hte ocean. I was tasked to gether some samples of some rare, newly-discovered specimen of coral reefs to send back to the lab for furhter examination. As you can see, I am a marine biologist.

But then...

what I thought was the tip of a huge coral reef... I discovered Atlantis. It was shiny anf oh so beautiful. It's huge.

So I wanted to dive deepter into the murky waters to get to see if I was right, if this IS indeed Atlantis./

And yes, it is. A huge neon sign lured me to the the deep which ewas ebony black background...

and it says "welcome to Atlantis."

I was right. I wonder what is in here...

Chapter 2: Ebony Darkness

From down the iridescent light of the 'coral reef' I discovered came the ebony darkness, anf from the darkness came a bright, flashing light from the neon sign that led me to the inner depths ot the 'coral reef'. This is a most fascinating discovery that I have looked at through my cerulean orbs surrounded with abundadnt lashes.

Inside was a huge sity just as I read in mystery books and surprisingly, there were people in it. I never knew that atlantis has albready been riscovered but maybe it's just that mo one would ver bother to go back to the land because of the filth there and perhaps because of the fact that atlantis is supposed to be a utopia.


Everyone was staring at me. They all stopped whatever they were doing.

"She's beautiful!" someone said.

"Ans she has all curves in right places," said anohter.,

Chapter 3: Foreigner in Atlantis

Even down here, I could have been called someone beautiful, just like back in the land where I came from. I have supposedly perfect, blonde hair with pink and green streaks that wave along with the waters down below.

"Not really," I replied. "I just came here by accident and am pretty much lost. Can someone give me some dirsctions?"

"Sure," a man with blonde hair, fair skin, and hughe, blue eyes said. He was wearing a white button-up sirt with a red tie, brown pants, and black shoes.

"This is Bikini Bottom, a city within this entire state known as atlantis, located underneath the Bermuda triangle. THat's why many ships and aircraft mysteriously disappear when passing there. THis is a place that must never be known to man because of their sins. And by the way, I'm Bob. And you are?"

"I'm C'ren Amethyst LeHeart-Bieber. Just call me C'ren. I'm not related to Justin Bieber-"

"Justin Bieber?" Bob replied eagerly, interrupting me. "How do you know about him? He's, like, the biggest star here in all Atlantis."

"Wait..." I said. "If you just said that land himans are not allowed here because of theis sins, then why the heck is Justin Bieber well-known here? He is, like, the biggest star in the land above where I come from."

"Wha... !:" he said loudly. "You are from the land above!"

Chapter 4: Sleepovers With Strangers

[AN: who the hell is Ebony and why the heck am I even like her? She's an emo fag. I hate emo's. I love rainbows and I hate rock songs. I simply hate that dark stuff. Goths, punks, and emo's creep me out. I'm blonde, I like pink, and I love Hilary Duff! She's one of the best singers ever! Justin Bieber is ah-dorable!]

"Yes, yes I am. I was tasked by them to go down to the ocean and collect coral reefs from here to bring back to the land. I just came by here accidentally."

The people stared at me again in deeper admiration and put out some papers and pens. They wanted an autograph from me.

"Thank you, thank you so much," I said as I signed their papers, handkerchiefs, and even shirts one by one.
As soon as that commotion was over, Bob took me to his home that was shaped like a pineapple.

"So about Justin Bieber, he is actually like me, also from the land above. What I don't know for sure is how he even got well-known doen here in the first place. May I know why?"

"Dude, we have computers and TV's down here. Unlike you landlubbers, we have access to both land and undersea channels and websites. My friend Pearl is like, so totally in love with him. And she even gave me these concert tickets. Do you want to go with me? I'll also take my friend Patrick along, but he happens to like those rock bands such as Stingray 5000 and Ned and the Needlefish... Oh, and yeah,. Bieber will perform alongside Boys Who Cry."

"Really? That's awesome. If you said that only the worthy are allowed here, then Justin Bieber IS worthy. And that's why I love him and worship him. I've always known that he was superhuman," I replied.

"I think I know this place..." I sad as soon as we got there and I looked around.

"Pardon?" Bob said. "I thought you only have been here now. What do you mean you already know this place? That's just deja vu you're feeling. Maybe you just need some sleep."

"Maybe," I replied.

"You sleep upstairs, while I stay down here in the sofa," Bob said. "Goodnight."