Chapter 9: The Concert

As soon as we got to the Justin Bieber concert, the entire stadium was already filled and the technical crew are setting up the props for the show. Pearl, the tall, blonde girl with gray eyes who is wearing a pink dress, called us over.

I was so excited because we were so close to the stage. Ever since I've heard of Justin Bieber, I have always dreamt about him every night and even just to meet him. Maybe that is the emptiness I still am feeling despite the fact that I have done a lot of things at the tender age of eighteen and survived a horrible past in such a short time that seemed to me like a million years.

"So, are you the girl that Bob has been telling me about over the phone last night?" Pearl asked.

"Yep, I'm C'ren. It's nice to meet you," I said.

"Actually, my adoptive dad, Eugene, is such a cheapskate. I only got concert tickets here when I won this radio promo," Pearl said.

"Lucky you," I replied. "Come on! Let's enjoy the music!"

"Lemme tell you one time...
Imma tell you one time..."
 Justin Bieber sang as he emerged up the stage from a platform that rises.

He moved around the round stage as he continued to sing.

"Hey, you," he said. He was looking at me through the crystal clear helmet he was wearing. "Yes, you, beautiful girl with blonde, green, and pink hair. Come up here on stage."

I was elated to know that of all the people in the stadium, he would pick me to come up on stage and sing with him.

"You have a beautiful voice," Justin said after we finished singing the song 'One Time.' "What do you say you help me out for the entire concert tonight?"

"I'd love to," I replied eagerly. "This was the first time I have felt happiest in my life. Maybe this is the answer I've been looking for."

For the rest of the night, I had the time of my life. I heard a resounding applause echo throughout the stadium. Our equally angelic, feminine voices created a euphony that perfectly complemented the voices of the trio of Boys Who Cry.

"And, would you like to accompany me backstage? I think you just won me over Selena..." Justin said as I looked into his deeply enamoured eyes.

I felt myself tingle all over and turn as red as a rose.

[AN: Nope, not every guy will actually love her. Especially not the guys who are like Billie Joe Armstrong, Andy Sixx, Gerard Way, or Synyster Gates. Also, Justin Bieber is just a cameo appearance in this fanfic. Not the entire fic will actually revolve around him. It will be revealed in the later chapters. C'ren entered the Youth Olympics and in case you did not remember, she is adopted by a RICH family with many connections, thus she has many sponsors. And yes, she will have a flaw that will be revealed later on, but one obvious one is that most Goth, Emo, Punk, and Metal guys will not really like her that much. And Toadle and Greenal, please give me a link to your E.T. cover. I'm very much interested to see it. I like Katy Perry and Kanye West. Lotsaluv from Monica.]

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