Chapter 28: Coming Clean

[Author's note: I'm back, bitches!
Nah, I was just kidding the whole fucking time! Anyway, the entire One Less Lonely Gurl gig is just a bad, bad, joke. Congratulations to those who were able to tell that I'm not serious about this whole thing. I'm not who you guys think I am. I'm actually just a dude named Jimmy who's curious about human stupidity and its bounds. And, I learned the hard way by challenging myself to write something deliberately horrible, from plot to grammar. Part of the challenge was also arguing with you guys, when, as a matter of fact, I actually agree with all of you. It was definitely tough going against what I actually agree with, so I took a long time off from this website. Yes, I'm being serious now. I've already given up on this fanfic altogether and my awful persona as Monica-Gilbey-Bieber, uber-idiot. Nope, this account isn't hacked. This is really me.

So, long story short.. (Man, I REALLY hate this!)

C'ren used the syringe on Plankton when he fell asleep again and commands him to do her bidding. She soon conquered the world by feeding everyone the Krabby Patties infected with the serum. It turns out that her discovery of the Spongebob universe is just a front for her to rule the world and have her revenge against her tormentors and that she's just using Plankton for a more evil plan. She also used Justin Bieber as an endorser of the product as soon as she got control of him, which definitely meant that more people will succumb to her control. As for the people who hate Justin Bieber, they still tried the product anyway because they all wanted to know how a Krabby Patty tastes like since Spongebob is a popular franchise after all... Read the full epilogue of this epic failure in the first chapter of my next fanfic, Plankton's Eye View, and I hope you will enjoy how I will rip C'ren apart. (insert evil grin here)

Yup, this story is sick. I will start over and upload a new story that is certainly closer to my writing style. I will keep the fanfic here for a while, which I will repost on my new blog soon with extra commentary from me on how I'm about to lose my mind from this piece of shit. For now, enjoy flaming this trainwreck! :)

That's it. See you guys in the next fanfic.]

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