Chapter 25: Hysteria

Loud noises of terror woke me up the next day, and I saw from my window many people running around without direction, some fighting each other, and others setting fire on the town. Only this place wasn't burnt because I have placed security systems around it that don't allow any unwanted visitors until opening time.
"What's going on?" Sheldon said as he stretched his arms just like what people usually do when they've just woken up. He just went out of his room. "What are those noises?"

"Check this out," I replied as he went closer to my window.

Sheldon laughed wickedly. "Look at all those people... desperate to find food... You see them feeling their stomachs, running around hysterically just to look for something to eat?"

I went up the rooftop of The Chum Bucket.

"People of Bikini Bottom!" I shouted through a megaphone. Everyone stopped the rioting for a moment and looked at me. "What exactly is going on? You guys seem to be panicking because of lack of food. I've heard of it over the news. If you are already hungry and looking for breakfast, perhaps you can only find food here. This is perhaps the last food source available in this town."

Everyone immediately ran inside and ordered patties. Meanwhile, I was busy further analyzing the substance while the computer automatically serves the customers and ensures the security of the place. Sheldon went back to his room to get some more rest.

The days went by and no one ever dared to find another food source, even outside town. Everyone has been confined when I have told them that there is a dangerous epidemic going on outside Bikini Bottom, and that I placed the guards on the outskirts to prevent anyone from entering and/or leaving the place.
People started to live in fear, but out of a lack of choice, they still continued to buy food from The Chum Bucket. Even Mr. Krabs was forced to eat there just to survive. I have no idea how, but I noticed soon enough that there seems to be a mysterious force that draws people closer to Krabby... er, Chum patties with an effect similar to addiction and withdrawal.

I studied the snail's spit again for traces of Krabby Patty ingredients to see if perhaps this is the cause of the mutation of the rabies strain I found. I have learned a long time ago that Krabby Patties can cure hypnosis, but perhaps, if any of its ingredients can mutate the rabies and infect the snail's DNA to make a man act like a snail and kill him in weeks, perhaps this can be the key to mass mind control by me. I just need to find a way to mutate a part of my DNA and transform it into something similar to that of the snail's, and make it into the Chum patty's second secret ingredient. One more thing I need to make sure of is that it will also improve the flavor of the patty.

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