Chapter 27: The Pink Liquid

"Good morning, C'ren!" he said happily as I woke up. "Look what I have!"

"Yeah, a flask with pink liquid in it," I replied, pointing out the obvious. "What's that anyway? What does it do?"

"After several months of analyzing what chemicals are needed to control minds, I've finally found it. Watch."

On a chair that a mind-controlled man wheeled to my room was Mr. Krabs tied up. "Here, Krabby, eat. You must be so hungry right now," Sheldon said as he force-fed a chunk of a Krabby Patty to Mr. Krabs. "You see, I mixed the patty batter with the fluid, and after a few seconds or so, Mr. Krabs will finally obey to my whims. And that guy who wheeled him here? He's my first victim. He's one of my customers."

"How did you... how did you do this?" I asked. "I thought you said that this is going too far?"

"Not even," Sheldon repled. "You're right. I want to be the king of the world. Yes, I want to restore a lost friendship, but it seems that the only way to do that is force it on the traitor using mind-control, of course. And the least I can do for you is to let you have some power too. When you are asleep, I would stay up working on this. That's why I've been quite lethargic lately when you are awake. And Karen also helped me. Yep, K3N. I just wanted to call her Karen again because she is so much just like the real thing, and besides, it's a pain in the butt to refer to her with a letter, a number, then a letter. I just want it to be plain and simple Karen, just like the old days even if I hated them. And also, let's just say this is my little birthday gift for you. I want you to be happy in the last year of your teenage life."

He handed me another flask, this time with clear liquid. "Here, this is the base liquid. Now, mix it with a sample of your DNA and control whoever you want to control. Use ten milliliters only per individual. Overdoses might have fatal effects on the victim, and we don't want that. Also, it works either ingested or injected. Anyway, I'll be off to bed. I've been working on this all night. Fred, untie the crab and make him clean the bathrooms. Then Fred, open the restaurant. It will be another wonderful day at business today." Sheldon left my room with an evil laugh. Fred, the guy who brought Mr. Krabs to my room, did as Sheldon said. Mr. Krabs proceeded to clean the bathrooms.

I spat on the liquid and it turned into a pink similar to the flask that Sheldon is still holding. "Hmm... who to use this on first?" I said to myself as I stared at the Erlenmeyer flask. "My half-brother? My insane stepmother? I can't really decide. There's just too many people I want to control, too many people who have brought misery to my life, but on the other hand, got me here. Karma sure has its own tricks of getting me here! Soon enough the whole world will be perfect! No more problems, no more everything but just happiness and brightness."

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