Chapter 18: Pearl's Help

It was Monday afternoon, and Pearl and her friends applied for work. Mr. Krabs was making his rounds in the restaurant checking for customer satisfaction.

"Pearl?" Mr. Krabs asked. "What are you doing here? Are you going to ask me for money again? Here's one cent."

"Nope, I don't need that," Pearl replied. "Me and my friends here are applying for a job at your place."
"No," Mr. Krabs replied adamantly. "C'ren and Bob are enough to make me stinkin' filthy rich!"

Pearl started to cry like the crybaby she is. "But dad... is money all you ever care about?"

"Remember that time when you renovated the place and transformed it into a teen paradise? Don't you know that teenagers scare the living *dolphin chirp* out of me?"

"Ew! Dad! So not coral," Pearl said. "Especially with your crusty voice. The thing is, I actually care about the family business. I want to learn the art of frycooking a Krabby Patty, so that when you're gone, The Krusty Krab will continue to live on as the most popular food chain ever. Just quit being such a cheapskate, will you? I will help you make even more money whan you ever did with just C'ren and Bob. If you hire all of us, you will be the richest man of the seven seas. So yeah, salads are so last year. Krabby Patties are all the rage!"

"Ok," Mr. Krabs said softly but within my earshot. They were talking beside my post, the boat-shaped counter. "Just make sure that absolutely no one will never ever get the formula from you. I see that you already care about the family business. I like that. Someday, you will be as successful as I am." He began to cry even in front of the customers.

"I always knew you would eventually have a passion for this," Mr. Krabs continued. "I always knew I was destined to raise you when I saw you alone in the streets of Rock Bottom as an abandoned infant. Neptune has his reasons for arranging the universe in the way it is now, from my fate of being your adoptive father to Plankton's demise and misery. Now I would like to play a happy song on the world's smallest violin. All of you are hired. Pearl, your friends will assist you in preparing the ingredients by helping chop vegetables. Bob has been alone in the kitchen for a long time and is a legendary frycook. He can still do his job faster if he has help from you guys. One of you will man the drive-thru counter. Since I have more customers than ever, I saw the need for one. I scrapped the idea some time ago, but I decided to have it permanently. And Pearl, Bob will assist you in the steps of making a Krabby Patty. I will be watching you so that the formula will stay a secret."

A smile started to curl around my face. This is working quite well.

"Okay," Pearl said. "Girls, let's do our jobs!"

In the end of the day, Mr. Krabs was happily counting his earnings by the sacks instead of the usual way of counting money.

"Congratulations Bob, and girls," Mr. Krabs said. "You see this?" He pointed to his office, which was filled with sacks and sacks of money earned for today in just a few hours.

"Yeah, but would you like to get even more customers than you do now?" Pearl replied. "First thing's first. For you to get more customers in your place, you have to spruce it up. Since you are filthy rich now after all, it's already in your budget to do renovations. With us helping you, this can be done all day on a Sunday, when the restaurant is closed. We will not go the mall first on that day."

"Please, Pearl, C'ren, everyone," Mr. Krabs said. "Do you remember what happened to the Kuddly Krab? It was a complete and utter disaster! So please, don't make it a girly restaurant... again. None of the flowers! The hearts! The confetti! Although... I'm happy to see that you, Pearl, are starting to care about the family business."

[AN: Meh, yes I am fucking serious. And I'm not a horrible writer. I've seen worse fanfics on here. You know, those that whine too much. Those emo pussies. And I'm not one. I'm actually quite happy with my life and I think wrist slitting is so not coral. Let's see you write an epic fanfic and I'll review it sometime. It should be really, really good. Yes. More epic than Harry Potter. 

icearrows1200, terrible things did (and will) happen to C'ren. And her first attempt to try to steal the formula failed. Mr. Krabs is already starting to suspect that she's working for Plankton, which she is. She failed to thoroughly hide it without anyone suspecting her of doing it. Mary Sues as far as I know should always succeed, or should they fail, be easily forgiven. Mr. Krabs holds a slight grudge against C'ren for it but can do nothing about the situation. You'll just have to read on to find out of C'ren will ultimately fail... and not be forgiven for it at all/face consequences. Lotsaluv from Monica]

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