Chapter 22: Renovation 2

Sheldon finally returned, pushing a food cart with buckets full of money from just an afternoon's work at the park.

"Whew... what a day," Sheldon said. "Never in my life have I experienced having to push buckets of money I have earned on my own!"

"So... did they even doubt you a little bit?" I asked.

"But why would they? Either way, they like the food I sell, and I'm quite happy about that."

"Because the patties you sell taste exactly like Krabby Patties, but only at a more affordable rate," I replied.
"That's right, and that's the reason why no one goes to the Krusty Krab anymore," Sheldon said. "Who needs ambiance when you can buy equally delicious food somewhere more convenient at a more affordable price?"

"And that's why I decided to renovate the Krusty Krab with extravagant things that Mr. Krabs will never actually need," I explained. "I wasn't trying to ruin your life or anything. Besides, I need you for something really important. Really, really important."

"Wow... thanks, C'ren," he said. "I owe you a lot. No one has ever told me that they need me."

"Yes... I need you," I thought to myself. "But not for long."

"Ok then," I said. "So what do you think of the place?"

"Oh, the place!" Sheldon said as he looked up and saw the Chum Bucket's new framework. "It's... it's... it's..."

"What? Do you like it?" I asked.

"It's too girly! Too much pink!" he said. "Everything is just too cute! Why, C'ren? Why would you do this to me?" He started to cry.

"I thought you were my friend!" Sheldon shouted as he looked back to me and walked away. "Just when I thought I have lost all my dignity!"

"Wait! Come back!" I said as I chased him. "You don't understand!"

"Understand what?" he said. "I understand that you just want to humiliate me like you did Mr. Krabs. You're a blasted barnaclehead. You're a bully! I thought you were a friend."

"But it's for the good of the business! I never really meant to bully you, but it's just that the place needs more pizzazz!"

"Wait," Sheldon said as he stopped for a while. "Pizzazz?"

"If you want to build a huge temple out of the foundations of the debris of your bitter failures, you have to renew yourself, and you also have to change your attitude of being a lone worker. Trust me, more people will actually come to the Chum Bucket if it's not so dingy and gray."

"Come to think of it, I do have many customers, but most of my customers gave me a low rating for atmosphere in my customer satisfaction survey, so most of them would just order take-out."

"So, wouldn't it be better if you also have customers who would stay in your restaurant?"

"So be it," he replied. "Perhaps I will eventually warm up to the fluffy pinks."

When construction was eventually finished after about a few weeks or so, the Chum Bucket looked good as new, but the grays were now pinks, and the red edges of the tables are light green. The rooms where the people were supposed to eat are now more welcoming and featured more windows that allowed for exceptional views.

"I like the windows so far, the rooms do feel cozier, but where is my lab?" Sheldon asked. "My house is not a home without my laboratory!"

"The lab is at the top floor, the same floor where you will also live and sleep," I replied. "Those will be your private quarters. Meanwhile, mine will be at the floor below yours. I designed yours based on how you liked it, gray and sleek."

"I must say, I like the views from my room," Sheldon said. "Unfortunately, in erstwhile days, I've never had the chance to renovate my room or the entire bucket in the first place because I fell into bankruptcy starting from the first day of my business. All I had to my name was the rusty bucket that not even the repo man would want to take away from me."

"And about the snail, I still have him, right there," I pointed to the cage in the corner of the newly-renovated lab where I kept the rabid snail.

"Is that... is that Karen?" Sheldon said as he pointed to a shiny, huge, white-framed monitor with numerous buttons below it. "Oh, Neptune! She's beautiful!"

"Yep, that's her, reborn and recreated exactly as she is programmed, but with many, many new features," I replied. "Just call that baby Katherine, or K-3N, for short."

"Hey Sheldon, honey, what's the big plan now?" K-3N said as Sheldon turned on the computer.

"World domination, baby!" he said happily.

"Yep, I programmed all the love that a wife can possibly have for a man on that metal contraption," I said. "Oh, and it's opening time; time for you to start your first day in this newly-renovated place!"

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