Chapter 8: Pre-Concert

When I left the Chum bucket, Bob and I met along the way to the Justin Bieber concert we will go to later.

"So, are you excited for the concert?" Bob said as we swam to the stadium where the concert will be held.

"I sure am," I replied. "By the way, do you know of any short guys who have dark green hair and red eyes?"

"Whoa...!" Bob was dumbfounded for a while when I asked the question. "That's Sheldon, Eugene's arch nemesis. For years, he has been trying to steal the Krabby Patty formula."

"No wonder," I replied. "That Chum stuff I ate a while ago was horrible. And can I have a Krabby patty? I'm starving. Even if I was able to go through the excruciating experience of having to finish an entire chumstick, I still want a Krabby Patty."

Bob then gave me a Krabby Patty and as I tried it, the divine flavor of the food drowned out the bitterness that lingered in my mouth after eating that abomination known as Chum.

[AN: "I'm already assuming that almost none of you can actually strum a guitar with your left hand and press frets using the right hand. And also be a SELF-TAUGHT musician who can also play the drums, piano, and trumpet." I said ALMOST NONE of you. ALMOST. Know what it means. You know, I don't even know you guys personally, so as a matter of fact, I'm just doing a rough estimate. I'm sure though that it's hard to accomplish what Bieber has already accomplished for himself. And honestly, I don't think looks is a good reason for someone to get mad at another. I know that. In case you did not remember in Ch 5 and read it CAREFULLY, C'ren isn't mad at her half-brother because he's fat and disgusting but because of the things he has done to her. And Neva, thanks. There's nothing wrong with Bieber. Lotsaluv from Monica.]

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