Chapter 15: Justin's Departure

The next day, as I was on my way to work, I saw Justin with Sandy, a mutant squirrel with a Texas twang who lives in a tree dome. Beside the dome is the submarine he uses for his underwater tours and where he lives when he's here. The submarine has already been fixed and it's all started.

"Oh, hey, C'ren," Justin said. "I'm sorry, but I really have to go back to the land above. I asked Sandy here to fix my submarine and make me the chemical that will allow me to breathe underwater. So you see, I'm not even wearing my suit anymore."

I got a bit pissed off because my plan did not work completely. I wanted Justin so be able to stay underwater for my plans to unfold smoothly. Sandy, being a member of SIMS and Chimps, otherwise known as Super-Intelligent Mutant Squirrels and Chimps, was quite a genius and a quick worker.

"But it's okay, C'ren," he said. "I'll be back soon. I really have to finish my world tour schedule. Really, I will have to go back because Ward and I will record some new songs for my first underwater album."

It does not matter much though in the fulfillment of my plans. If he will come back at a later time, I will be able to do it, and even if he does not, I will find a way to bring him to me. I will still steal the formula from Mr. Krabs because I still need Sheldon for something else...

As Justin left Bikini Bottom, I went straight to the Krusty Krab to start my day. But before I was able to get to the boat-shaped counter, Mr. Krabs called me to his office. I was nervous. I felt myself shaking. Perhaps he found out about my plan to steal the Krabby Patty formula.

"Hello," Mr. Krabs said. "Take a seat."

"What is it now, sir?"

"I've seen you visiting the Chum Bucket lately," Mr. Krabs said sternly. "What in Davy Jones's locker is going on?"

"I'm visiting him just to reassure him that he is doing well, when, in fact, he's not. I'm only pretending to be a regular customer, but in fact, I'm actually trying to further crush his already ruined business. It's my job as your loyal employee, along with Bob, to reduce him to tears. And so far, I've been quite successful. When I visited yesterday, I saw him crying and talking to no one but his computer wife," I said insincerely.

Mr. Krabs burst into laughter all of a sudden after I said 'computer wife.' "That sucker! I can't believe he's already starting to give up! And the only one who will ever be there for him is... a COMPUTER... which he programmed!" Mr. Krabs continued to laugh. "That miserable barnaclehead will never, ever have a chance to hear from a real person that he is significant, because no one ever will!"

I faked my laughter just to go with the flow, when the truth is, that only made me want to strangle Eugene and steal the formula from him. Sure, Sheldon may be evil, but he is only like that because of his failures. And I will use his failures as a part of my plan. I will be the first person to tell him that he is important, to be the first to tell him that he can. I can't believe that I even had to apply for a job at his place. Eugene is such a cheapskate that he would actually care more about money and personal gain more than anything else, even his adoptive daughter Pearl!

I visited the Chum Bucket again just as I planned. Plankton was 'eating' virtual meat loaf, which, supposedly, is his favorite food. But then, he eats nothing but that everyday that it has come to him that he is fed up with it.

"Why so much ennui in this miserable life?" Sheldon said in despair once again.

"Hi, Sheldon," I said as I went in his restaurant. "I'm going to have a chumstick for take-out."

He gave me the package with the chum stick in it after I handed him a dollar.

"Okay, so I just saw Justin leave Bikini Bottom and he is already able to breathe underwater. Sandy is a pretty quick worker and is also a genius, just like you. Not to mention, she's also tough-"

"Enough affirming her! What about me? I'm just a small, insignificant person who always gets trampled upon-"

"That's just how you see the world. It was your choice to let your failures affect you..."

"Now you're speaking like my wife," Sheldon said angrily. "My wife is Karen with a K and an A, not a C and an apostrophe. Is that understood?"

"But she's a computer. As a human being, and a friend, I am one of the first few to tell you that you can," I said. "Karen, the computer, is right. Don't give up. The truth is, Mr. Krabs is one of the worst people I have ever met. Sure, he may pay me well, but at the expense of everyone else. But then, if you keep acting like this, you are almost no different from him."

"Why are you even peering into my personal life!" Plankton said angrily.

"Wait, really?" Plankton comtinued as he changed his expression from angry to just a bit better than he usually is. "I can?"

"And since I work in the Krusty Krab after all, I will steal that recipe from Mr. Krabs. No matter what it takes. I need you for something very important."

"For what? It's been a long time since someone ever asked me for help. People see me as a useless person anyway."

"You'll see," I replied. "You can take a break first, and relax. Try to get your mind off your worries for now. I will deal with the formula myself."

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