Chapter 10: Submarine

Backstage, Justin has an awesome pad (a submarine) where he could freely take off his underwater breathing helmet. It had beautiful views of the fish freely swimming about, the coral reefs of different colors, and the waters that were as blue as my eyes.

"Say, are you C'ren Amethyst?" he asked. "That girl who actually won an Olympic medal for swimming? That girl who shares my last name? How in hell can you even hold your breath underwater without needing a helmet?"

"No idea," I replied. "I just discovered this cool power when I first submerged myself in a pool, back when I first took swimming lessons."

"I see. Interesting," Justin said. "So, I heard that there's great food down here called a Krabby Patty, but how will I even eat it without having to take off this stupid helmet?"

"I'll think of something. Besides, I would love you to stay here. With me," I replied.

"I'm sorry, but I will have to go soon," Justin replied sadly. "I have a tour schedule. I guess I'll just order a Krabby Patty for take-out or something."

The next day, it was all over the news that Justin Bieber's submarine engines broke, and that he will have to swim all the way back to the lands without it. I rushed to the scene where he was and told him in a worried way that it's too dangerous to go back up there.

"Maybe you're right," he replied. "Perhaps I'll just stay here for just a little longer."

I smiled as I hugged him. I thought of a grand scheme that will finally make him mine... forever. No matter what it takes.

[AN: To my reviewers, if you're being all so pedantic about grammar, at least do it properly when doing your pathetic attempts to try to give a critique to my story, you terrible excuse for a reviewer/grammar Nazi. Also mind your ive and I've. It's 'you're' or 'you are', not 'your'. At least I'm smart enough to know that. That's you, The-Time-Controller. Lotsaluv from Monica.]

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