Chapter 1: Ordinary Day...?

AN: I donut own this spongebob thiny. dis is just a fanfic OK!

It wuz jazz an ordnary day when I dove deep into the dark azure hue of hte ocean. I was tasked to gether some samples of some rare, newly-discovered specimen of coral reefs to send back to the lab for furhter examination. As you can see, I am a marine biologist.

But then...

what I thought was the tip of a huge coral reef... I discovered Atlantis. It was shiny anf oh so beautiful. It's huge.

So I wanted to dive deepter into the murky waters to get to see if I was right, if this IS indeed Atlantis./

And yes, it is. A huge neon sign lured me to the the deep which ewas ebony black background...

and it says "welcome to Atlantis."

I was right. I wonder what is in here...

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