Chapter 11: Underwater Stalker

The truth is, I actually snuck back in the silence of the early morning after the concert to the engine room of the submarine and dismantled the engines so that I can stop Justin from going back up to the land. That's because I want him to stay with me here and help me with my plans. The mere thought of this brought about a huge smile on my face. This is the true beginning of my life and my self-discovery, to find my purpose in this world. I'm very sure that my purpose is not just to please everyone but also to find the right answers. We started to talk as we strolled the streets of Bikini Bottom while being surrounded by his bodyguards who also have helmets on.

"Besides, I like it here," Justin said. "I've always wanted to try a Krabby Patty."

"Didn't you tell me last night that you wanted to be able to take that stupid helmet off? Well, I am also a chemist, so perhaps I can invent something that will enable you to breathe underwater, but I will need Sheldon's help for that," I said. "I heard that he's also a chemist just like me."

"Isn't that guy an epic failure in life? As far as I heard of him, though."

"Yep, pretty much," I said. "It's just that I don't want to make him feel so bad about himself anymore. I mean, just look at his place. It's desolate and empty. I've already tasted the stuff that he sells. It's just so awful. So I want him to feel that at least he has done something right."

"You're a great woman, C'ren," Justin said. "Even I love to watch the cartoon universe that is uncannily similar to this one. And despite Plankton allegedly being evil, you are still doing your best to see what is good in him."

"And just like you, I was also amazed to discover that Bikini Bottom is actually real. I am even more amazed that I was not the first to discover this place, but it was you."

"I just needed to find a place to hide from the land above once in a while, where there are less chances for me to get chased around by crazed fangirls and then I came across this place where I also became an instant star. Fortunately, these people are not as much a riot as those in the land above, so I actually learned to love this place and treat this as my second home. Funny how I have never tried a Krabby Patty."

"Wait, I thought you are going to the Chum Bucket so that you can already concoct the chemical that will let me breathe underwater," Justin said.

"No Justin, I have way bigger plans than that," I said with a grin across my face. "I'll go with you to the Krusty Krab."

"What plans?"

"Those are secrets I shall not reveal to anyone until the time is right." I said as I laughed softly.

[AN: Yes it's a Sponge Bob Story. Just wait and see what will actually happen in the next chapters. 

And thanks again Neva for backing me up. I'm sorry to break this to you Neva, but if you will actually back me up, do it properly. If you are also telling them to use better grammar and spelling, please do so yourself just like what I've been doing my best at. It's hypocrites, with an e. As you can see, I've done efforts to improve the spelling/grammar and to allow the plot to develop, just slowly. Things will be at a faster pace later on. 

Thanks Izzy for actually finding humor in this story when everyone else is raging at me even if your review is still technically a bad review. Izzy, also, C'ren was tormented in her childhood so she was denied access to books and learning. No one in the house ever taught her how to read and write. All she was ever taught to do was to pleasure her half-brother. So no, she isn't a dumbass. How can she learn many things in such a short span of time? Yeah, perhaps that learning is akin to a man who just got out of the end of a long, dark tunnel and saw the world for the first time. And if you live in the streets, scavenging is considerably hard just with the fact that you have to dumpster dive and come across disgusting objects just for fleeting nourishment. Yes, singing is an advanced skill if you're really good at it. Lotsaluv from Monica.]

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