Chapter 3: Foreigner in Atlantis

Even down here, I could have been called someone beautiful, just like back in the land where I came from. I have supposedly perfect, blonde hair with pink and green streaks that wave along with the waters down below.

"Not really," I replied. "I just came here by accident and am pretty much lost. Can someone give me some dirsctions?"

"Sure," a man with blonde hair, fair skin, and hughe, blue eyes said. He was wearing a white button-up sirt with a red tie, brown pants, and black shoes.

"This is Bikini Bottom, a city within this entire state known as atlantis, located underneath the Bermuda triangle. THat's why many ships and aircraft mysteriously disappear when passing there. THis is a place that must never be known to man because of their sins. And by the way, I'm Bob. And you are?"

"I'm C'ren Amethyst LeHeart-Bieber. Just call me C'ren. I'm not related to Justin Bieber-"

"Justin Bieber?" Bob replied eagerly, interrupting me. "How do you know about him? He's, like, the biggest star here in all Atlantis."

"Wait..." I said. "If you just said that land himans are not allowed here because of theis sins, then why the heck is Justin Bieber well-known here? He is, like, the biggest star in the land above where I come from."

"Wha... !:" he said loudly. "You are from the land above!"


  1. Wait--whut? He never said that humans weren't allowed there because of their sins.


  2. Oh wait yeah he did.