Chapter 17: A Coral Deal

Since the Krusty Krab is closed during Sundays, Bob is in Jellyfish Fields jellyfishing with his friend Patrick, and Ward is practicing the clarinet.

I was strolling around Bikini Bottom and I saw Pearl with a few friends, all decked out in their shopping getup- all pink. They are going to the mall. Pearl is one of the least popular kids in school because her dad is such a cheapskate. I heard that all her birthday parties were ruined by her dad, except for that one time when Boys Who Cry performed in the Krusty Krab, although, in the end, this still made Mr. Krabs's blood boil due to the amount of money spent.

"Remember when you took us to the Justin Bieber concert with you? That was so coral of you!" one of them said.

"And usually, your dad is such a cheapskate," another continued. "You took Bob with you, right? That guy you took to the prom?"

"Oh my gosh," Pearl said. "Don't remind me of the dance move he came up with... 'The Sponge!' That prom night was a disaster."

"Hey, isn't that C'ren over there?"

"Oh, hi, C'ren," they all said in chorus.

"Hey, are you all going to the mall?" I asked. "Can I come? I could use a revamp on my wardrobe."

"Sure, like, you are so coral! You can come with us, anytime!"

"Yeah, I'd like that... but in one condition."

"What?" Pearl said.

"I need all of you guys for something. Would you guys like to be the most popular kids in school? As in, the ones that everyone else wants to be? There at the top, partying the night away, the glamor, the laughter, the beauty?"

"Do we? Of course! Ahh!" they all said. "Ok, what is it we need to do?"

"Help me steal the Krabby Patty formula. Especially Pearl, I need you for this job. You will receive a huge part from my hefty salary if you succeed. You can use that money in however way you want. You can buy all the clothes you want without your dad restricting you because it's your money, after all. You earned it yourself."

"I don't even care about my dad's krusty job," Pearl replied. "But if you said I will get popular from doing this, then I'm in!"

"And so are we!" the others added.

"Ok, so this is what you need to do, Pearl," I said. "Act like you started caring about the business. I'm sure your dad will fall for that, because it's you doing it. For you to care about the family business is something he's always wanted because that will help him get more of the one thing he loves the most: money. Ask him the secrets to frycooking. Tell him that you want to help Bob and that you want to spruce up the Krusty Krab. Then, he will give you the formula once he sees that you are taking this as a passion."

"But isn't this going to take away most of my social life?" Pearl asked. "Do you know what happened when I spruced up the business and transformed it into the Kuddly Krab? I never really cared because my friends are top priority."

"That's why I need all of you guys to work with me here. Besides, the Krusty Krab is closed on Sundays. You can still socialize at work, right? Sure, Mr. Krabs may be very uptight, but as long as you are helping him make more money, then he's happy," I said. "Plus, if you think the place is too Krusty, I can help you guys spruce the place up. I agree, the place needs some renovations, but I've seen worse than that. Trust me."

"It's a very coral deal," they all said.

[AN: Mr. Kokomo, whatever. This is just fiction after all. C'ren is not real. And she's not butch or bitch! She just knows how to fight really darn well. Sure, make a fanfic, story, or scenario depicting your OC brutally ass-kicking mine. See if I care. Either way, this is all just a figment of your imagination and this fic is a figment of mine. Sandy-cheeks-is-awesome, I think you sent me the wrong link. 

Krispy Kreme Kravin, oh...kay. Whatever you say. But thanks for reviewing anyway. Oh, and Krispy, just wait. As C'ren said, the plan will be revealed at the right time, but hints of it are starting to build up already. 

And icearrows1200, maybe. Maybe she will. Or will she? Just wait for what the plan will be, but it does involve the acquisition of the formula. Plankton makes a point about the difference in spelling because he shifts subjects in his sentences, when he talks about his wife and my character whose names have the same pronunciation. Lotsaluv from Monica.]

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