Chapter 2: Ebony Darkness

From down the iridescent light of the 'coral reef' I discovered came the ebony darkness, anf from the darkness came a bright, flashing light from the neon sign that led me to the inner depths ot the 'coral reef'. This is a most fascinating discovery that I have looked at through my cerulean orbs surrounded with abundadnt lashes.

Inside was a huge sity just as I read in mystery books and surprisingly, there were people in it. I never knew that atlantis has albready been riscovered but maybe it's just that mo one would ver bother to go back to the land because of the filth there and perhaps because of the fact that atlantis is supposed to be a utopia.


Everyone was staring at me. They all stopped whatever they were doing.

"She's beautiful!" someone said.

"Ans she has all curves in right places," said anohter.,

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