Chapter 23: Fred Rechid

The entire day just passed without any customers. The Krusty Krab found a way to reopen again, and people swarmed that place just like they did before I gave Sheldon the formula.

"What happened!" Sheldon shouted angrily. "Why are there no customers?"

"No idea," I replied.

"Are you sure you aren't just tearing holes in my wallet?" he asked. "I'm not usually such a cheapskate but..."
A newspaper flew with the winds and it hit the glass door. I picked it up, and just as I was about to throw it to the trash can, I saw a news column that has something to do about the Chum Bucket:
Chum Bucket Not Really Chum-Friendly
~by Leg Dude (Fred J. Rechid)
The Chum Bucket, with its only two employees, Sheldon J. Plankton and C'ren Amethyst L. Bieber, former cashier of the Krusty Krab, who, apparently, switched jobs, is the bucket-like building in front of the new-and-improved Krusty Krab. In case any of you remembered the incident a few weeks ago when Pearl, daughter of Krusty Krab founder Mr. Eugene Krabs, went ballistic and destroyed the Chum Bucket, I was there. I was originally assigned to do a food photography ad for the Chum Bucket's new-and-improved-menu and grand re-opening, but I just decided to submit this article, considering the fact that newspapers have to be, well, factual.
Why am I writing this? Apparently, I saw C'ren fight Pearl and insult her for being just a few sizes bigger than what C'ren considers to be beautiful. I was profoundly offended by her derogatory statements, and thus, I am writing this. C'ren is not the sweet, beautiful girl you all think she is. You may have applauded her during the Justin Bieber concert held about two months ago, but she is not really worth it.
Sure, she may look great and sing well, and, well, be good at many things, but she is not worth a visit at the Chum Bucket. You should all go back to the Krusty Krab because it will celebrate its grand re-opening today. Nothing beats the classic Krabby Patty.'

Enraged, I tore apart the newspaper, threw it in the trash can, and kicked the same trash can.

"Gah-dammit!" I hollered angrily.

"What's the matter?" Sheldon said as he went out from the glass door.

"Some dude wrote a news article about me; horrible, horrible stuff! No wonder we don't have any customers!"

We went back in the house, and K-3N showed us the complete article again.

"Oh, that's why," Sheldon said. "So, do you have any plans?"

"Yes," I replied.

"What now?"

"DESTROY every other food source in this town and keep everyone... on lockdown. Yes, that includes the grocery store."

"Well then... Oh, and by the way, C'ren..."


"While waiting for customers, I was working in the lab and I have already extracted the venomous substance in the snail's maw. It's only a matter of asking the computer to analyze the substance so that we can already use the stuff as a possible mind-controlling serum," Sheldon said. "It's all in this test tube."

The liquid has white condensate swirling about at the bottom part, but it is mostly transparent. Sheldon put it in an apparatus similar to that one he used when he analyzed the composition of kelp's molecules.
"Good," I said. "While K3-N analyzes the composition of that stuff, let's start destroying the town's food sources when nighttime comes. I can't have it that I... I mean WE... don't have customers!"

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